MBI’s Courtesy Visit to PETROS

10 May 2023, Sarawak – MBI’s Courtesy Visit to PETROS: Exploring Synergies for Regional Advancement

MBI (Menteri Besar Incorporated) paid a courtesy visit to Petroleum Sarawak Berhad (PETROS), symbolizing a significant stride towards fostering collaboration and mutual growth between the two entities. The visit, led by Tuan Haji Mazli Zakuan, Chief Executive Office of Mentri Besar Trengganu (Incorporated), and Mr Muhammad Ramizu bin Mustaffa, the Chief Financial Officer, was graciously welcomed by Mr. Janin Girie, Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Azha Abdul Jalil, Chief Financial Officer, and Abang Arabi bin Abang Narudin, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy at PETROS.

The purpose of this visit was to engage in constructive discussions aimed at advancing the interests of both states. By leveraging their collective expertise, MBI and PETROS sought to identify potential areas of collaboration that would contribute to the betterment of both regions. The discussions centered on enhancing economic growth, exploring new opportunities, and promoting sustainable development for the benefit of the communities in Terengganu and PETROS.

MBI’s proactive approach in seeking stronger ties and exploring avenues for cooperation with PETROS highlights its commitment to harnessing synergies and leveraging shared resources. The discussions held during the courtesy visit reflect a shared vision and determination to drive regional advancement, foster economic prosperity, and create lasting positive impacts in both Terengganu and PETROS.photo_2023-06-22_16-43-41 photo_2023-06-22_16-43-48 photo_2023-06-22_16-44-00 photo_2023-06-22_16-44-05 WhatsApp Image 2023-05-10 WhatsApp Image 2023-05-10 at 13.09.10

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